Though the complications caused by variances in transcription are significant, those caused by valid phonetic similarities can be just as extreme.
Within each language, there are many combinations of characters which can be pronounced in a similar way. Consider the need to match Meier to Mayr and Meyer without picking up Meder or Mener, or the need to match Tenborough to Tenburg without setting the tolerances for typographic differences too widely.
Many of today’s search tools simply would not be able to match some of these examples without producing long lists of false matches. By incorporating language specific linguistic rules, Traphoty® offers the most efficient way to balance these requirements.
In addition, because Traphoty® uses separate algorithms to account for phonetic differences in different languages, the risk of missing a valid phonetic match is far lower than with tools employing generic phonetic algorithms. Click here to see details of the different languages that we cover.