Products & Technology
Traphoty® is the latest of the next-generation identity search solutions. Purpose-built to find and match comparable identity data from any culture, language or script, Traphoty® has been designed by an expert team of computational linguists and compliance professionals, to overcome the problems encountered when using traditional search tools to match global identity data.
Linguistic Search Solutions offers 4 different Traphoty® versions, designed to cover the needs of anyone wishing to add a sophisticated identity matching solution to their business processes.
Traphoty® Identity Check is a comprehensive identity matching solution designed to efficiently search through large databases of watch list or customer information to find matches across data sources.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check reliably finds duplicates by applying customizable match methods, both linguistic and non-linguistic, to each individual data field. The solution is fully configurable so that it can be adjusted to the specific data quality problems in each situation.
Traphoty® Inside is a flexible plug-in containing Linguistic Search Solutions’ unique matching technology, which can be incorporated into existing business applications to provide a superior identity matching functionality for any business process.
Traphoty® Rules is a customised set of linguistic rules for any organisation which has already deployed a search solution and wishes to enhance the reliability and precision of the results it returns.