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Traphoty Identity Check
Traphoty® Identity Check is designed for use whenever international identity or transaction data is searched. This includes compliance and Anti-Money-Laundering processes, customer service desks, internal investigations, public records searches, and any other processes which might require the identification of a particular individual, company or transaction within a large database.
The user simply enters the details of the subject they are searching for into the Traphoty® search screen. Within seconds, Traphoty® returns a list of potential matching records, prioritised according to the strength of the match. As Traphoty® incorporates the unique Linguistic Search Solutions transliterative and phonetic search logic, in addition to the more common string comparison algorithms, the number of potential matches can be significantly reduced without increasing the risk that a true match is overlooked. The result is a more reliable search, while minimising the effort required to assess the potential matches.
While Traphoty® Identity Check is delivered complete with ready-to-use search logic and standardised search and result screens, every aspect of Traphoty® Identity Check can be configured to your precise requirements, providing you with the option to
  • quickly customise the search logic for each search field, to ensure it fully reflects the geographical, structural and quality characteristics of your data.
  • define the way that search results are scored and ranked to reflect your business requirements and risk appetite.
  • create tailor-made search and result screens for different user groups.
Contact us if you want to know more about Traphoty® Duplicate Check and how we can help you consolidate duplicate records in your data.