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Traphoty Duplicate Check
Linguistic identity matching methods vastly increase the efficiency of data de-duplication processes. Traphoty® Duplicate Check is a compilation of linguistic dictionaries and match methods that can be applied in the most flexible manner.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check can match names in different scripts – including in Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, or Korean. It can also match names that originate from these scripts but have been latinised differently, e.g. the Arabic name (عبد الرحمن) which can be written as Abdurrahman, Abdool Rahman, Abd ar-Rahman or the Chinese name which can be written as Xiao, Siao or Siu.
With Traphoty® Duplicate Check you can also match names that sound similar, such as Stewart and Stuart. This feature is relevant for matching data that has been captured during verbal interaction such as in a customer support call centre.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check has many features specifically designed to enhance the precision with which duplicates are recognized. For example, the system can extract gender information from names and titles so that Catherine A. Miller would not match with C. Anthony Miller. This gender recognition feature also takes into account the many ways in which worldwide languages express gender information as part of a patronym or last name.
In addition, Traphoty® Duplicate Check offers a wide range of options to compare dates in what ever format they are present (for example 22. April 66 or 04/22/1966). It can also match address information in the most precise manner, taking into account linguistic spelling and naming variations (such as Yekaterinburg / Jekaterinburg / Ekaterinburg or Brussels / Bruxelles / Brüssel), abbreviations (Boulevard: B / BD / Blvd / BV) and many more phenomena that can cause variations in the way address data is represented.
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