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The creators of Traphoty® had only one thing in mind: Combining the best linguistic, mathematical and comparison methods so that identity data can be searched and matched with unrivalled precision and recall. At Linguistic Search Solutions we do not produce bulky software suites that cover entire business processes. We focus specifically on identity search products that can be integrated into any kind of software solution. In this way, Traphoty® is able to enhance all your search and matching processes without the need to replace existing business applications – the most efficient way to ensure risks are managed in the current cost-conscious environment. Whatever your business process or software solution, you can be sure that Traphoty® will enhance the quality of the identity search results you obtain.
→ Compliance officers and Relationship managers use Traphoty® to find matching identities within payment files, customer and supplier databases, and details of contacts and associates.
→ Investigators and law enforcement authorities use Traphoty® to screen customer data against numerous sources of sanctions lists, PEP data and other compliance intelligence sources, and to identify duplicates across and within disparate client databases.
→ A multitude of software solutions incorporate identity matching functionality; from CRM and KYC suites that search through client data, to Anti-Fraud and AML identity screening and transaction monitoring solutions. Other solutions that can benefit from a built in linguistic identity matching module are Enterprise Search Platforms (ESP), Data Management Solutions (DWH, ETL, CDI) and Business Intelligence Tools. With Traphoty® Inside, designed to be integrated into broader software applications, solution providers can offer their customers state of the art matching solutions without having to design and maintain these themselves.
→ The data and information service industry can implement Traphoty® search solutions to allow their customers to make the best use of the data and information they provide. Traphoty® solutions can also help the editorial team eliminate duplicate records and ensure that appropriate name variants are assigned.
→ Data quality managers can use Traphoty® Duplicate Check to help them identify duplicates and consolidate data from around their organisation.
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