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Solutions for Investigators & Law Enforcement Authorities
In today’s digital environment, the success of many fraud or corruption or other criminal attempts often relies on the perpetrator’s ability to hide within large volumes of data. One of the most effective ways to do this is to subtly alter identity data, either through introducing minor typographical errors, or by harnessing transcription variations or phonetic similarities to change the way the name is written. The lack of standards in the way names are transcribed from non-Latin scripts complicates this. Without any effort on the perpetrator’s part, their name is found in different spelling variations across various countries. With traditional identity matching tools it may not be possible to identify such data profiles as referring to the same person.
Traphoty® is one of a new breed of identity search tools which are able to look beyond any such differences. Traphoty® solutions are available for all your investigative and law enforcement requirements, and to suit your organisational environment.
Traphoty® Identity Check can be particularly useful on international regulatory enquiries, such as FCPA investigations, where regional lists of politicians and agents have to be searched against transaction data. The built-in linguistic flexibility is invaluable in such situations as it allows the search methodology to be tailored specifically to the regions under investigation.
It can also be used on insider dealing investigations to help find links between insiders and dealers, or in looking into tendering irregularities to help identify contact with external tendering parties. Other uses include monitoring social security or insurance compensation records to check for duplicate or fraudulent claims, and in identifying employees or vendors with similar details to help monitor inappropriate payments.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check, with its advanced ability to reliably match data records that refer to the same person or organisation is the best choice whenever data from different sources need to be consolidated.
Traphoty® Inside can add the power of linguistic search to any of your investigative or auditing systems without noticeably altering the look and feel of your existing tools.
Traphoty® Rules can be plugged into the search tools already used for investigative purposes to add the precision offered by advanced linguistic search.