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Solutions for Software Providers
The Traphoty® range of products has been purpose-built to integrate seamlessly into existing applications. In this way, the providers of software solutions can complement their own technology by adding the power of Linguistic Search Solutions’ advanced search and / or linguistic technology. This “buy-approach” has many financial and strategic advantages for software providers. They can continue to focus on their own technology and business expertise and do not need to invest heavily in a linguistic research team.
Software solutions that can enhance the value of their tools by adding linguistic power to their search technology include:
  • Anti-Money Laundering Solutions (KYC, AML) for the screening of clients and transactions
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM)
  • Customer Data Integration Solutions (CDI)
  • Business Intelligence Solutions (BI)
  • Data Warehouse Solutions (DWH)
  • Enterprise Search Platforms (ESP)
As the market for search solutions becomes increasingly aware of the increased precision and recall provided by linguistic search technology, solutions providers are looking to enhance their existing technology with the power of next-generation linguistic search.
Traphoty® products integrate seamlessly into search tools and compliance applications to add this advanced functionality without altering the look or feel of existing applications and, in most cases, without requiring material technical re-design.
Traphoty® Inside can be plugged into existing compliance applications to provide a comprehensive identity search functionality.
Traphoty® Rules can be used in compliance tools or dedicated search applications to add the power of linguistic science to existing search technology.
Find more in our product brochure or contact us to discuss how Traphoty® can enhance your solution.