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Solutions for Information Service Providers
There are many ways in which providers of data and information services can deploy Traphoty® to their advantage. They can achieve a higher level of efficiency and quality assurance in their editorial processes, improve the quality and completeness of their data feeds and provide more efficient and user-friendly online access to their information. Traphoty® works well with both structured and unstructured data.
Improved efficiency and quality assurance in the editorial process:
Traphoty® Identity Check can help content editors quickly and easily determine whether the individual or company they wish to add information on is already present in the database. It can also be used to help monitor the data provided for duplicate and related information, or for consolidating source data received from different providers.
With Traphoty® Rules integrated into the data capture process all relevant transcription variants can automatically be generated by Traphoty®. Traphoty® rules can be applied on either a non-Latin script input (e.g. Cyrillic: Ельцин) or a Latinised version of it (e.g. Yeltsin). The result will be the same: variants such as the English transcription (Yeltsin), the French transcription (Eltsine) or the German transcription (Jelzin) can be stored in the database - directly or after a manual review process by the editor. Applied to an existing data feed Traphoty® Rules can detect missing name variants and add them. It can also help to generate reports of name data that is most likely misspelled and suggest corrections.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check can help editors eliminate duplicate records from their information base.
An advanced search standard
A fast and efficient identity search is often key to the services offered by providers of business intelligence, regulatory watch lists, communication data, media articles and other types of reference information. The clients of such data providers can benefit from the inclusion of the Traphoty® Identity Check in the services offered through the reduction in manual review required, and the international acknowledgement of the accuracy of such a search.
Traphoty® Inside can be incorporated into any on-line search service, providing more accurately targeted search results without changing the look or feel of the service in any way. It can be seamlessly built into searches on structured data, such as public watch lists, or unstructured data such as media articles. By making full use of Traphoty®’s flexible configuration options, service providers can offer their clients multiple search accuracy levels and other options, so that searches can be exact or fuzzy, can incorporate international identity variations, or can be closely targeted to the regional characteristics required.