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Solutions for Data Quality Managers
The efficiency of so many of today’s business processes depend on the quality of the data they work on. From customer services to fraud risk management, from compliance reporting to marketing strategy; having accurate and concise data, and being able to easily find what you are looking for within it, can make all the difference. Traphoty®’s advanced linguistic identity search can help you achieve this difference in many areas.
Traphoty® can also be used to screen your client databases for potential duplicates, within one system, or across many databases around the world. This is a key element of the Customer Data Integration process, and can be particularly useful during the due diligence phase prior to a merger or acquisition, or for the consolidation of customer records after such a transaction.
Traphoty® Identity Check can be used to quickly and accurately find data relating to particular individuals or legal entities within your data mart, without requiring lengthy manual review to find the true matches.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check can identify duplicates within and across data warehouses, and tag related records for easy future retrieval or reporting.
Traphoty® Inside can be seamlessly built into your existing data warehouse applications to increase the accuracy of all identity retrieval and consolidation processes, while minimising the manual effort required.
Traphoty® Rules can be added to existing data quality management search processes to provide enhanced precision.