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Solutions for Compliance Officers & Relationship Managers
In these days of increased globalisation and stricter regulatory controls, it has never been more important to be able to identify known individuals and entities within your client base – or to know for sure that they are not there. Many regulated industries are required to screen their clients against an increasing number of parties listed on public watch lists or belonging to higher risk sectors of the population, such as Politically Exposed Persons.

Two factors can complicate this task:

  1. Lengthy hit lists with a large number of false positives resulting from an imprecise matching technology.
  2. Not identifying relevant data profiles, resulting from a matching technology with deficient recall, for example, because it cannot deal adequately with linguistic name variations.
Both can be avoided with Traphoty®’s linguistic identity matching technology. The linguistic rules of Traphoty® will reliably match all legitimate spelling variations of names regardless of format, spelling or geographical origin without inappropriately overmatching.
As the chart shows, this effect cannot be achieved with traditional, non-linguistic matching techniques, processes.
Traphoty® Products for Compliance Officers and Relationship Managers_
Traphoty® Identity Check is a full identity matching and hit-handling solution incorporating the powerful linguistic components required for today’s regulatory environment.
Traphoty® Duplicate Check is a linguistic data de-duplication tool. It can be used for the integration of data stemming from the disparate data sources maintained nowadays by most modern service enterprises.
Traphoty® Inside will allow you to incorporate Traphoty®’s advanced linguistic search technology into your existing client screening or client support applications. It can be built into account opening systems to help screen clients against watch lists, or into automated vetting systems, which periodically check riskier names against all client records.
Traphoty® Rules can be plugged into existing search and screening applications to add advanced linguistic features to your existing search solutions.
Please contact us if you are interested in more information on the way Traphoty® can support your compliance processes, or would like to test Traphoty® online.