Traphoty® from Linguistic Search Solutions matches identity data from any culture, language or script. It offers a visual and numerical explanation of a hit.

Traphoty® from Linguistic Search Solutions has been designed by an expert team of computational linguists and compliance professionals to overcome the problems encountered when using traditional search tools to match global identity data. The precision search engine uses sophisticated linguistic knowledge to ensure all valid name variants and misspellings are identified without producing long lists of false matches. Traphoty® can easily be integrated into your compliance solution.

The Match Analyzer, a Traphoty® module, provides transparency to end users, regulators and support units. It gives a visual and numerical explanation of a match

  • by displaying the match category, the congruence and the weight of two matching tokens.
  • by indicating deductions in case of structural variations (missing name elements, order deviations).
The Match Analyzer helps end users to decide whether a hit is a true or a false positive. And it meets the increasing demand of regulators to provide transparency in screening and monitoring processes.